Are your products really made by hand and by moms?
Yes, every aspect of our production is done by hand. We believe people can get the job done as well as machines if not better and we love providing job opportunities for parents.


How is your Car seat Blankie different than any other Blanket?
Our Car Seat Blankie was designed after our CEO attended a Car Seat Safety class before her son was born; there she learned that newborns and really young infants had been injured in the past due to badly adjusted car seat straps caused by an appearance of tightness when children have too many pieces of clothing on. She was concerned about keeping her son warm and safe and soon she discovered that any regular blanket will continuously ride up to her baby’s face or fall on the ground and get dirty.Our Car seat Blankie attaches to the car seat and stays there secured off the ground when not needed and ready to be deployed when needed. Its design allows for a secure fit while limiting its range of movement to help keep it in place at all times.


How do any of your canopies benefit my child?
Whether used on a Car seat or a Stroller, the canopy helps shield your child from sunlight, wind, dust, pollutants and germs that may be spread by people sneezing around you or leaning forward to take a look at the baby. It also provides a dark environment that help an infant go to sleep and stay asleep longer.


Do you only employ moms?
As much as we love parents, we also believe in an equal employment opportunity. However, in the time we have been operating we have found that due to our flexible work schedule and the nature of our operations most of the people interested in working with us happen to be parents and specially moms.


Are your Car Seat and Stroller Blankies the same?
The concept behind them is very similar, both of them attach and remain there rolled up above the ground when not in use ready to be deployed when needed. However, they are some differences; The Car Seat Blankie is smaller and designed for infants from birth up to 8-12 months depending on the weight and length of the child. The Stroller Blankie is longer and wider to fit children from 1 up to 4 years old and has additional features to allow it to remain attached and above the ground even while folding and storing the stroller. It is also sewn on the bottom half sides like a “sac” or “bag” to ensure maximum warmth for your child.


What does it mean for me as a customer to have real parents making the products?
First and foremost, we know exactly what you are going through; every product we make has been thought out and crafted from our experience as parents. We put especial care into the making of every single item as if it was made for our own child. When you call or email our company, you are contacting a real human being, there are no recordings or email sorting software. Every call, message and email is read or heard by a real person. Now, it is true that once in a while while you are on a call you may hear a baby cry, scream or laugh or perhaps a toy squeak or play some music, that is because you are actually talking to a busy parent just like you who is joggling caring for his/her child while still trying to stay productive.


How are your products different than any other car seat canopy or blanket used to cover the baby?
All of our products are handmade in right here in the US using top quality materials. Allowing us to keep jobs here in the US.We focus on creating products that make parenting easier without braking the bank, like our Car seat & Stroller Canopy that goes beyond any other similar by giving you the option use it on a Car Seat and/or Stroller from birth to about 3-4 years old providing you with added functionality, versatility and extended usability.


How can you make your products in the US and still keep them affordable?
First of all, we take a cut on our profits to ensure our products are competitive in price and affordable to most parents. Additionally, we don’t spend thousand of dollars on expensive Magazine or TV advertising, we don’t hire professional models for our photos, we simply rely on great customer service, a personal shopping experience and word of mouth to promote our products.